How you can help?

*** and WorldbyWe Inc. are not connected in any way to the WE Charity,, or other movements involving WE.***

Thank you for your interest in helping WorldbyWe Inc./ to reach our goals. Our main objective is to get the essential tools, systems and life building skills to the masses on a global level for free. With today’s technology this is quite possible.

In regards to how you can help us:

(***When you visit our YouTube Channel please watch our videos, like them and subscribe to our channels. By doing this, eventually we will reach enough subscibers/views and likes to monetize our channels via ads from Youtube and that will generate income to help build Inc. This costs you nothing but a bit of time and it is greatly appreciated!!!

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    • Purchase our T-shirts and Mugs – MERCH (Coming eventually)
    • Donate – All donations are greatly appreciated and even a little means a lot. Together WE will accomplish the seemingly impossible.

  1. All of the money donated will go towards providing the tools and help systems that we are in dire need of.
  2. The majority of income generated from my personal website will also go towards building a better world. Transparency is VERY important to us and you will see that as we progress. We are not claiming to be a non-profit organization. We are a purpose driven company CHOOSING to do what we can to help improve our world and quality of life.). Let us prove to you that WE can and We will!!!

(2.9% + $0.30 of each donation goes to Paypal as a transaction fee plus additional fees for international donations).

The next time you turn on the news and see the same tragedies happening over and over, think about and help support our efforts in building these life changing systems that will help to actually build a significantly better world. Finally, something is being done to solve these ongoing issues and you can be a part of that. Please donate. You help is greatly appreciated!

If you would like to learn more about WorldbyWe Inc./ and how we are striving to help improve the quality of your life and the lives of those around the world, please read our new e-book outline online titled ‘First Steps’ by clicking here or view it in one of the following e-book formats listed below by clicking on the respective link.

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Thank you sincerely, from WorldbyWe Inc./ for your support in helping us to build a better world together.

– Strive to be well bringing forth the best you can each day!

Raymond B. Johnson | Building a better world together.